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Vancouver Foreign Tax Won’t Damage the Real Estate Market

11:19 am   /   Real-Estate  

On July 25, 2016, the government of British Columbia introduced a 15% foreign buyer's tax. As of October 2016, the real estate market has shown some slowing signs that could be the results of the new foreign buyer's tax. The real impact will be difficult to evaluate in the short term and we may never have clear data on the actual effectiveness of the tax. After reviewing data from the Real Estate ..


Inner city redevelopment less impacted by new mortgage rules

12:56 pm   /   Real-Estate  

The new mortgage rules, announced on Monday, October 3rd by federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, are slated to come into effect on October 17th. Like any new rules, the impact intended may not be reached without creating additional repercussions. Reviewing opinions from economists and experts in the field, we can't help but notice that the inner city redevelopment industry may be less impact..


Build and legalize your basement suite

1:01 pm   /   Real-EstateSecondary Suite  

Building more rental suites is a great solution to increase density of existing neighborhoods and to add rental units in a very limited rental market. In order to encourage home owners to build and legalize their basement suite, the City of Calgary has introduced a series of measure to reduce cost and eliminate red tapes along the process. You can read our blogs on secondary suite for more inform..


Secondary Suite Registry

9:17 am   /   Real-Estate  

Secondary suites are an important source of rental housing in many cities and towns across Canada. A secondary suite is a private, self-contained unit within an existing dwelling, that has independent access, a kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. It should also have a parking space and other amenities like a balcony space or small greenery space. The city of Calgary has rolled out a secondary suit..


What is the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

6:20 pm   /   Real-Estate  

Established under the Municipal Government Act, the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is in charge of both reviewing and approving planning applications and giving the go-ahead for contentious development within a municipality. Being a special tribunal, the board hears development and subdivision appeals from people who are concern with a decision made under the Land Use Bylaw b..