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Area Structure Plan

An Area Structure Plan is a planning policy document that is approved by cities and municipalities. The policy provides direction for future real estate development. It sets the policies required to properly plan the development of a property. An Area Structure Plan provides a framework that describes:

How do we develop an area structure plan?

CITYTREND can work with municipal departments, external agencies, and stakeholders to create great policy plans. By working with local groups, we gain an understanding of the local context and build on existing assets. We create shared ownership that improves the success rate in the long term. Through public participation and collaboration, the CITYTREND team will develop an Area Structure Plan able to clearly achieve local vision. An Area Structure Plan is a reflection of our current planning expertise and allows for clear and efficient implementation.

For more details regarding an area Structure Plan, please contact CITYTREND for a free consultation.

Know before you start

Knowledge is the key factor for success with City Hall. We have identified four categories to develop a complete understanding and ability to successfully manage a project to approval. We call it the four “Ps.”


This pillar is critical. Understanding the regulations is important to evaluate up front if a project is at risk or not.


The approval process will include the input from dozens of people ranging from community groups to technical reviews from engineers or feedback from the parks department. Our understanding of the role of each referee is an important piece of the puzzle.


The approval process will differ depending on the application itself. We map the process steps clearly so you can keep track of your progress and develop a predictable timeline.


This is usually where our clients excel but understanding your own product is key in being able to make adjustment along the way and respond to comments and feedback.



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