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About Us

Your vision and your success are in good hands with us.

We are urban planners, problem solvers, and team builders. Over the years, we have supported and helped countless developers, land owners, and stakeholders achieve their goals. If you have a project in mind, we would love the opportunity to brainstorm with you and add the “know how” to your vision. We can build a clear and effective work program with all the right strategic pieces to succeed.

We are Urban Planners

CITYTREND offers professional urban planning services that cover everything from initial design to final implementation. With a strong commitment to leadership and success, we work with clients in both the public and private sector to build and improve urban places of all sizes using careful research, analysis, and strategy. We fully understand every factor that goes into urban planning, such as environmental protection, and we make sure to take these factors into full consideration before beginning any project.

Our team of urban planners are fully qualified to handle the practices and procedures of urban planning from start to finish. Our knowledge and understanding of the field is the reason we are one of Calgary leading firms.

We resolve complex issues

The more you know, the more creative you can be. With our years of experience, we can add creative solutions to your vision and help build consensus. Not only have we worked on countless projects, but, we always stay up on current trends. We love what we do.

We don't work with everyone!

What? We know it is not the most strategic business slogan, but, it is true. We are selective. We select the right projects and the right team. We want to make sure that we believe in the projects we take on and trust the team we work with. After all, our name will be associated with these projects.

Know before you start

Knowledge is the key factor for success with City Hall. We have identified four categories to develop a complete understanding and ability to successfully manage a project to approval. We call it the four “Ps.”


This pillar is critical. Understanding the regulations is important to evaluate up front if a project is at risk or not.


The approval process will include the input from dozens of people ranging from community groups to technical reviews from engineers or feedback from the parks department. Our understanding of the role of each referee is an important piece of the puzzle.


The approval process will differ depending on the application itself. We map the process steps clearly so you can keep track of your progress and develop a predictable timeline.


This is usually where our clients excel but understanding your own product is key in being able to make adjustment along the way and respond to comments and feedback.



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