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Zoning has been part of city regulations for a number of years. Prior to zoning regulations, land owners could put up a building to any height, in any place, and use it for any purpose. The need for cities to intervene became even more important when industrial uses started to influence the health of residents in close proximity. The segregation of industrial, commercial, and residential uses was the first solution to improving citizen health and to creating a stable environment. With cities increasing in size and population and with the arrival of the car, regulations helped manage cities and maintain stability.

Zoning vs Land Use

Planning regulations are provincially regulated. The rules and regulations are different from one province to another. Zoning and land use bylaws are the most commonly used terms to refer to planning regulations. The objectives of zoning and land use bylaws are similar, however, their development and implementation vary.

Zoning Regulates: Density, Use, and Built Form

In other words, Zoning is the regulation that dictates what use and type of development can occur on a specific property. Can you build a house or a gas station? How many units in an apartment building?

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Real Estate Strategies and Zoning

Over the past few decades, cities have re-oriented their focus from suburban green field development to the redevelopment and intensification of their inner city. Cities, such as the City of Calgary, have aimed to see 50% of its growth within existing communities. This translate into the densification of neighbourhood like Bankview or South Calgary for example. This represent great opportunities to those able to identify the proper site to achieve higher density. Being able to identify a residential site and re-zoning it to higher density increases the value of the property without any construction. With the right team, a land owner or developer can increase value of a site through rezoning and assist the City in achieving its long term vision.

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The Real Estate Advantage

Real estate and zoning strategies present strong opportunities. There are 3 main advantages.

The regulations are local
The decision makers are local
The issues are local

In an environment where you can understand the entire picture, the opportunities are endless. A successful developer can not only create value but assist the city in achieving its long term vision.

Know before you start

Knowledge is the key factor for success with City Hall. We have identified four categories to develop a complete understanding and ability to successfully manage a project to approval. We call it the four “Ps.”


This pillar is critical. Understanding the regulations is important to evaluate up front if a project is at risk or not.


The approval process will include the input from dozens of people ranging from community groups to technical reviews from engineers or feedback from the parks department. Our understanding of the role of each referee is an important piece of the puzzle.


The approval process will differ depending on the application itself. We map the process steps clearly so you can keep track of your progress and develop a predictable timeline.


This is usually where our clients excel but understanding your own product is key in being able to make adjustment along the way and respond to comments and feedback.



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