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Rezoning / Land Use Amendments

When it comes to Rezoning, our Zoning Experts can assist you in evaluating the potential of a property and develop a successful work program. CITYTREND has strong Rezoning experience in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Over the years, our team of experts have developed a successful Rezoning process and we are able to reduce risk and time to complete a Rezoning project.

What is the Rezoning process?

There are 6 steps that are critical.

1- Finding the right property: When looking for a property, make sure that you have a clear vision of the final product. Having this vision allows the team to anticipate issues that might arise.

2- Learn about the community: Each community has a specific vision of its development. If your vision matches the local aspiration, you will have support from the community leaders.

3- Identify issues: Even in the best scenarios, a new project will create challenges. The earlier you identify potential problems such as traffic or noise, the easier it is to address them.

4- Learn about the local Rezoning process: The process varies from city to city. It is important to learn about the local process and develop a clear work program.

5- Communicate relentlessly: Whether it is with the local planning department, the elected councilor, the neighbours or the community, communicating is critical. Don’t avoid discussing issues.

6- Build a strong team: Rezoning is a multi-disciplinary process. Having the right team will reduce your risk.

7- Be patient!

For more details regarding Rezoning, please contact CITYTREND for a free consultation.

Know before you start

Knowledge is the key factor for success with City Hall. We have identified four categories to develop a complete understanding and ability to successfully manage a project to approval. We call it the four “Ps.”


This pillar is critical. Understanding the regulations is important to evaluate up front if a project is at risk or not.


The approval process will include the input from dozens of people ranging from community groups to technical reviews from engineers or feedback from the parks department. Our understanding of the role of each referee is an important piece of the puzzle.


The approval process will differ depending on the application itself. We map the process steps clearly so you can keep track of your progress and develop a predictable timeline.


This is usually where our clients excel but understanding your own product is key in being able to make adjustment along the way and respond to comments and feedback.



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