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5 reasons to join the CITYTREND Network

3:23 pm   /   News  

1-You become part of a growing Network: When you join, you instantly get connected to a whole host of professionals across Canada that are passionate about the same things that move you and who deal with what you do every day. They become an invaluable source of advice and inspiration. 2-Business development: The big reason for joining the Network is to develop your busin..


September Real Estate Trends in Alberta

10:53 am   /   News  

The Edmonton and Calgary Real Estate Board have both published their respective market statistics for the month of September, 2016. Here is Citytrend's overview of the September Real Estate Trends in Alberta. Calgary Real Estate Board Statistics for September The month of September saw an increase in sales from 1,422 sales in 2015 to 1,645 sales in 2016. This is the first increase year to year i..


Development Permit waived for Secondary Suites

2:56 pm   /   News  

In the City of Calgary, the debate about Secondary Suites has been a hot topic for many years. City Council recently approved an eighteen-month Development Permit exemption for Secondary Suites that runs from September 1st, 2015 until March 3rd, 2017. What’s the benefit? If you own an eligible property, you can save up to $2,200 in application fees and the cost of bypassing the Development Pe..


Air quality in our city

7:31 pm   /   News  

You would not be able to tell these days but air quality in our city and in north american cities has improved over the past decades. The current fires around the region have definitely affected temporarily our air quality. According to an article published by The Canadian Press on August 26 air quality officials have indicated that: smoke from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest has made the qual..