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Secondary Suite Registry

October 27, 2015   /   Real-Estate 

Secondary suites are an important source of rental housing in many cities and towns across Canada. A secondary suite is a private, self-contained unit within an existing dwelling, that has independent access, a kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. It should also have a parking space and other amenities like a balcony space or small greenery space.

The city of Calgary has rolled out a secondary suite registry plan and sticker program to promote the importance of safe and legal secondary suites. It’s been tough to tell when you are living in an illegal secondary suite in the past but with this program, residents can easily identify legal and safe secondary suites. Safe secondary suites provide the necessary safety features that allow people to escape easily in the case of an emergency. E.g. safe exits, accessible windows, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors etc.

The free, online mapping tool allows the buyers and renters to know when the city has inspected a suite and if it meets the Alberta Building Code requirements. Registered secondary suites receive a sticker to promote their secondary suites to the current and future residents. These stickers correspond to the suite’s address and enable the potential renters/buyers to verify the safety and legality of the premise online.

Why should you legalize your secondary suite now?
The city of Calgary is removing the development permit fee for secondary suites and the requirement for a development permit altogether. The 18 months permit exemption allows homeowners to develop safe secondary suites in a faster, easier and less expensive manner.

In the current low vacancy rental market in Calgary, this registry allows renters to protect themselves and it allows landlords that are going the extra mile to be rewarded. This is in an effort to maintain a safe and good rental stock.

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